Monday, November 15, 2010

Hawaiian Pool Party !

Hawaiian Pool Party!!

A Couple of weeks ago I helped a friend out with her daughters Birthday Party. And I thought I would share some photos with you. The Desert Table
Included goodies such as Strawberry and Marshmallow Sticks, My Favourite Jelly Cups (with an added Freckle for Colour) Banana Mini Muffins and of course Flower Fairy Bread.

The Cake - The Hawaiian Hula Girl
Vanilla and Strawberry Marbled Sponge Cake ...Yum!
and Yes I made this ;)

More Cooking....Thong Sugar Cookies and Hibiscus Sugar Cookies

Would be a party without some lollies !!
Pineapples, Bananas and Musk sticks...

Blow out the Candles

My Chloe and the Beautiful Birthday girl Amelia, Good Friends
As the guests arrived they were greeted with their own Lei, then they decorated little Thong cut outs and wrote their name on the back - this then became attached with a mini peg the Bag Tag for the lovely Party Favours (loads of fun Beachey themed Erases, Note Pads, Key rings and Sunnies snapped up at the $2 Shop!) The bags were Hot Pink and Lime Green Paper Bags from the ladies at Details Details.
The kids played "Toss the Coconut into the Basket"
Freeze Dance (always a fav for the girls) with lots of Beach Boys Music ;)
Hawaiian Pass the Parcel
And Amelia's Aunty did Beauitful Face Painting of Hibiscus Flowers, Pineapples and Starfish
After filling up on tasty Treats - the kids all had a swim to top it off.
I love this party because it is something that was achvieved on a budget and looked great!

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