Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Birthday Party!

After visiting the US a couple of years ago during the time leading up to Halloween, my eldest (who's birthday is a couple of days before) has been nagging me to have a Halloween themed party and this year I thought - why not!
So this is it Chloe's 6th Birthday.......
AMAZING ....Janelle of Big Cake, little cake made this from a picture Chloe picked out from the Internet....this cake dictated the whole theme of the Party!

Some Gluten Free Chocolate Cupcakes....

Wouldn't be Halloween without Candy Corn.

Pumpkin Sugar Cookies

and Bat Sugar Cookies

Chewy Ghost Meringues....

and my favourite at every party...Jelly Cups

Chocolate Spiders , Pumpkin Lollipops and Pumpkin Popcorn bags were also treats to eat....YUM

Giggleberry Bunting

The kids enjoyed some traditional Party games , Pass the Parcel, Pin the Bat Heart on the Skeleton, Freeze dance to cool spooky Halloween songs, and Snakes on a Line as well as ....

Busy at work....colouring. My mother made the great spider's web that covered the centre of the table.

The gorgeous Tissue Pom Poms from Ah - Tissue

The childrens table where they did very cute colouring pages (Free download from Kate Landers) whilst the other guests arrived.

Serving up the Witches Brew...see the sneeky spiders peeking through the pom poms

The lighting of the candles

Surrounded by presents.....every girls dream. I just want to point out Chloe's costume ...once again the work of my mother (I can't sew like her) Hundreds of indivdual feathers, too cute.

The little "Witches Broom" Party favour (bag from Details Details and design by good old Martha Stewart) with Thank you tags from Raspberry Creative that matched the Invitations.

Drink bottles and Cutlery holders

Everyone had a Spooktacular Time!

Playing pin the Bat heart on the Skeleton

And it was all worthwhile for this smile...Happy Birthday my Beauitful Girl x x

A BIG thank you needs to go to :

Sharnel Dollar - for your amazing inspiration and support

Ah-tissue - for the beautiful Tissue Pom Poms

Details Details - Brown Paper Bags for the Witches Broom Party Favours and a few other beautiful bits

Giggleberry - Amazing Bunting

Big Cake, little cake - Janelle, thanks for Awesome Cake!!

Colin Hanson - Photography (and some of my own)

I was soooo pleased with how it all turned out, hours of baking and craft ......bring on the next one:)


  1. What a fantastic party Ange... and Chloe is just gorgeous! Time to find something else creative to do with your time! Christine xo

  2. Great party Angela, so glad you enjoyed it too1

  3. THANK YOU Sharnel, you have been an amazing help!!! Angela (Hahaha - I really need to work out how to change this ID!)

  4. It looks like you had an amazing time Angela! Your table looked so beautiful and all the time you spent planning definitely paid off! Thank you for for letting me play a small part in such a special day! Janelle x

  5. Love the colours looks so fun, you did such a great job putting everything together..xoxo Daneve